We are always looking for fresh talent and we welcome the opportunity to consider your work.

Before submitting, please check to see if your book falls within the genres we are looking for:

We represent authors in a multitude of categories, including literary and general fiction, select genre fiction (mystery, suspense/thriller, historical), sophisticated young adult fiction, and nonfiction with commercial appeal, including biography, memoir, history, health, travel, sports, African American, science, pop culture.

Right now, we are especially looking for strong literary/commercial crossovers with book club potential, smart speculative fiction, and multicultural stories (fiction or nonfiction) that open our eyes to a new place and/or time. No matter the genre, we are always looking for strong writing—a voice and talent that speaks for itself—and unique stories that demand to be told. We love to be surprised or moved or both, and to learn something new—a rare perspective, a little-known history, a new way to evoke character. 

We do not represent screenplays, plays, poetry, science fiction, westerns, romance, techno-thrillers, religious tracts, dating books, illustrated children's books, middle grade, or anything with the word "unicorn" in the title.


Please note that, due to our high volume of submissions, we only respond to those projects we wish to pursue. If you have not heard from us regarding your query, please do not follow up to inquire about its status, as we do carefully consider all submissions and yours has not been lost. 

We only accept emailed submissions.

  • Please email your query to BJ Robbins at: robbinsliterary [at] gmail.com. You will receive an auto-response from us, letting you know that we received your query. (If you do not receive an auto-response, please double-check the spelling of the email address.)
  • Do not include any attachments unless solicited by us; to protect our computers against potential viruses, we will not open them.
  • For both fiction and nonfiction projects, please include in the body of your email: A succinct description of your work, any relevant bio information (your career background, experience, and/or pastimes as they pertain to your writing, any publishing history), and the first ten pages of your book. A synopsis is optional.

Thank you! We look forward to reading.