J.A. Mills


Blood of the Tiger: A Story of Conspiracy, Greed, and the Battle to Save a Magnificent Species


J. A. Mills has worked for TRAFFIC, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and Save the Tiger Fund. She is now a consultant to the MacArthur Foundation and lives in Washington, DC.

Praise for Blood of the Tiger

A telling inside view of 20 years in international tiger conservation work, including the successes, failures and the work that is still required.
— Kirkus Reviews
Readers become emotionally invested in Mills’s message.
— Publishers Weekly
[J. A. Mills] tells an absorbing insider story of trying to save truly wild tigers, a battle that is not yet won.
— Booklist
If you love animals, you must buy this book. J. A. Mills exposes the trade in endangered animals with zest, verve, and outrage. A stunning read.
— J. Maarten Troost, national bestselling author of HEADHUNTERS ON MY DOORSTEP and LOST ON PLANET CHINA
BLOOD OF THE TIGER is a heart-pounding read that takes us along on J. A. Mills’s journey through the dark and sometimes dangerous realities of wildlife conservation. Mills is detective, double agent, and guide through a mapless labyrinth of politics, cultural differences, and the economics of greed and poverty. This book is a potent antidote to the despair and helplessness many of us feel observing the race to save tigers and other endangered species—a book that infuses one with renewed passion, determination, and hope.
— Amy Tan, New York Times bestselling author of THE JOY LUCK CLUB
By turns thrilling and sobering, Blood of the Tiger is an urgent, heroic book that takes you undercover and behind the scenes of today’s global, multi-billion-dollar illegal wildlife trade. A must-read for conservationists and anyone concerned about the fate of wildlife on this planet.
Blood of the Tiger may be the most important book you read this year. It will make your blood boil—but also make your heart sing. J. A. Mills’s courageous and captivating investigation of the trade in tiger body parts reveals some sickening secrets, as well as showcasing fearless, creative heroes. Read this roller coaster of a book and take action for tigers—before it’s too late.
— Sy Montgomery, author of SPELL OF THE TIGER
What an extraordinary, must-read book for anyone interested in international wildlife policy! From her seat at the center of it all, J. A. Mills has pulled back the curtain on the global effort to save the tiger and in doing so has given the world a primer for any effort to save the world’s iconic species: tigers, elephants, rhinos, whales, and more. Endangered species need accountability. Blood of the Tiger makes those who got us here accountable.
— Bryan Christy, director of special investigations at National Geographic and author of THE LIZARD KING