James Donovan


The Blood of Heroes: The 13-Day Struggle for the Alamo—and the Sacrifice that Forged the Nation

A Terrible Glory: Custer and the Little Bighorn—the Last Great Battle of the American West


James Donovan is the author of the bestselling A Terrible Glory: Custer and the Little Bighorn—the Last Great Battle of the American West and several other books. He has been a literary agent since 1993, and lives in the Dallas area.

Praise for A Terrible Glory

Selected by American Heritage as a Notable Book of the Year

In this labour of love, Donovan collects the multiple threads that led to the 1876 massacre at Little Big Horn... Exhaustive research, lively prose and fresh interpretation make for a valuable addition to literature on this otherwise well-trodden historical event.
— Publishers Weekly
The Custer battle has never been as vividly and comprehensively told as in A TERRIBLE GLORY.
— The Dallas Morning News

Praise for The Blood of Heroes

Donovan’s book reads fast, like a gallop through South Texas. You are carried through it. The Alamo is one of the greatest American stories, and he tells it in a sweeping, propulsive narrative that includes fine portraits of all of those wonderful, larger-than-life figures that have embedded themselves in the national lexicon... A first-rate read from a fine historian.
— S.C. Gwynne, author of EMPIRE OF THE SUMMER MOON
The best narrative history of the Alamo since Walter Lord’s 1961 classic, A TIME TO STAND.
— Wall Street Journal
Jim Donovan combines two exceptional talents—those of a first rate story teller and a first rate historian. In THE BLOOD OF HEROES, he gives a new and compelling narrative version of one of the most dramatic stories in American History, while at the same time thoughtfully and conscientiously remaining anchored to the wide range of original sources—including many only recently come to light. I predict his book will be one of the best classics to remember the Alamo.
Mr. Donovan’s gripping book is history at its best—exactingly sourced and written with a vividness that challenges you to put it down.
— The Washington Post
An authoritative, moving retelling of an enduring episode of sacrifice and courage ...Donovan’s thoroughly researched and agreeably told story focuses on the 13-day standoff, but he also supplies crucial context...Yes, the Alamo is remembered, but not without controversy. What really happened inside those battered walls? Did Travis really draw a line in the sand, asking all who would stand with him to step across it? Without breaking the flow of his compelling story, Donovan reliably separates fact from legend, persuasively assessing the evidence and artfully setting the scene.
— Kirkus Reviews
The best book on the battle of the Alamo... Donovan has a splendid sense of historical narrative.
— The Houston Chronical
Stirring… combines strong narrative chops with exhaustive research.
— USA Today
Blazing history.
— The Economist