Wendy Werris


An Alphabetical Life: Living it Up in the World of Books


Wendy Werris was born in Brooklyn in 1950, but has lived primarily in Los Angeles since childhood. In 1970 she began working in the book business after being hired at the legendary Pickwick Bookshop in Hollywood. Following a stint at Rolling Stone / Straight Arrow Books in San Francisco, she began working as a publisher's sales representative—and has been selling books ever since. She has also a professional photographer, and for the last few years has worked as a freelance author escort in and around Los Angeles.

Praise for An Alphabetical Life

A powerful and poignant book.
— Michael Connelly
Werris earns respect and sympathy as she shares her unusual and enlightening perspective on the publishing industry by portraying mentors and colleagues, relating brushes with celebrities, disclosing personal suffering, and sharing her tireless love for books.
— Booklist
The book details a richly textured world of small presses and now vanishing independent bookstores, and is a bittersweet tribute to the indefatigability of bibliophiles like Werris herself.
— Publishers Weekly